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We drove into New Port Richey today to have lunch at Caposey’s.  The place was packed and we ended up waiting a while for a table, but the whole time, everyone in there was very friendly.  We even had another customer ask us if we wanted to share his table.  This is one of those locals places where they know everyone’s name and what they’re ordering.

Loren decided to try their salad, soup, and 1/2 sandwich combo.

He got the chicken salad sandwich and said it was pretty good, just needed a bit of salt.  Same with soup, great flavor, just a little underseasoned for his taste.  I ordered the cheeseburger and fries.

It was a tasty little burger.  I also couldn’t pass up dessert.  I ordered the brownie & the waitress asked if I wanted it heated…well, of course, and would I like whipped cream… most definitely.

Yummy, yummy, yummy, though I would have preferred real whipped cream with it.  Heating it up really made the difference since it got all warm and gooey.  Good stuff and the best part was the whole thing was $17 with a drink.  I really do love little restaurants like this.  The customers come first and they put out simple, tasty food for great prices.

Caposey’s Whole Works Restaurant
5250 Green Key Rd
New Port Richey,FL
(727) 842-4307

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Good Burgers

We were heading up to Starkey Park and stopped for lunch at Steve’s Place in New Port Richey.  We could tell right away that the locals hang out here because the owner & waitresses were greeting people by name and chatting with them.  We both went for burgers, Loren the bacon cheeseburger and for me, the mushroom burger.

They were both cooked well and the fries were yummy.  I also couldn’t pass up one of their little desserts.

The strawberry mousse was tasty for a little bite of sweetness.  It didn’t have a very strong strawberry flavor, but it satisfied my sweet tooth before our walk in the park.  Total bill with a drink was $16.

Steve’s Place
5400 Little Road
New Port Richey, FL

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