Our final day of vacation ended up being cold and rainy, so we took a drive into South Carolina and ate lunch at Sister’s Restaurant.  It’s a small little restaurant and bakery and it looked like a lot of the locals ate there for lunch.

We started off with some chicken & rice soup.

It had a wonderful homemade flavor and perfect on such a dreary day.  They have seven sandwiches on the menu named after the seven sisters who own the restaurant.   I thought it was funny when another table was ordering and the guy told the waitress that he didn’t like the sandwich named after her, but really liked the one named after one of her sisters.  I ordered the milder ham & cheese with a side of potato salad, but I don’t remember which sister it was named after.

The ham was really salty and there was lots of it in the sandwich.  The potato salad had lots of flavor as well.  Loren ordered a cheeseburger and we actually ended up trading half of our sandwiches with each other because he really liked the ham & I prefered the burger.

It was a tasty burger.  Just the way I like it, not too thick with mayo, lettuce & tomato.  This was the most inexpensive meal we ate on vacation at $16 and was also one of better ones.

Sister’s Restaurant
281 Stamp Creek Rd
Salem, SC

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