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We ate lunch in Cashiers, NC at the Cornucopia Restaurant.  It’s got a big open dining area, but since the weather was so gorgeous, we decided to eat on the patio.  The soup of the day was corn chowder and I had to have some.

It was yummy.  Fresh sweet corn made the difference in this dish.  It was creamy and delicious.  I opted for the California BLT.

It was a pretty thick sandwich.  The bacon was a little too crispy for my taste, but the avocado was fresh and delicious.  This was a really tasty sandwich.  Loren got the knockwurst and if I thought mine was too big to fit in my mouth, his was even bigger.

Knockwurst and bacon on the same sandwich along with a jamaican salsa that Loren really liked.  We also got a side of cheese fries.

 I’m not sure if they oversalted the fries or if it was the cheese that made them salty.  The cheese had a wonderful flavor to them though.  Total bill was $30 with a drink and definitely one of the better meals we’ve had on vacation.  The food was fresh and tasty and the entire experience was a good one.

16 Cashiers School Road
Cashiers, NC

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  • We stopped for lunch at Highlands Smokehouse.  We were on our way to Glen Falls and decided to eat lunch before hiking the trails.   For an appetizer, we decided to split a bowl of Brunswick stew.

    Best thing we ate here.  It had just a hint of spice along with some meat and lots of veggies, including okra.  It was really tasty.  Normally I don’t like hushpuppies, but this one  just tasted like cornbread to me.  As for the rest of the meal, we weren’t as impressed.

    Loren got a half rack of ribs with collard greens and baked beans.

    He said the ribs were ok, but didn’t really have a lot of smokey goodness.  He did like the beans, but the collard greens had a really odd flavoring to them.  I thought they tasted like sweet dill pickles.  He didn’t like them at all.  I got a pork sandwich with corn pudding and mashed sweet potatoes.

    I did not like the taste of the pork.  It wasn’t smokey and it had an odd aftertaste.  It’s hard to describe.  It was really moist and almost had a beer like flavor to it.  That’s probably not the right flavor, but whatever it was, it just didn’t do it for me.  The corn pudding sort of tasted like scrambled eggs with lots of pepper.  The mashed sweet potatoes were ok, but would have been so much better if they were served with a cinnamon butter.  Overall, not the best BBQ we’ve had.  Total bill was $35.

    Highlands Smokehouse
    595 Franklin Road
    Highlands, NC
    (828) 526-5000

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