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Savory Street

We stopped by Savory Street for a fresh and tasty breakfast this morning.



Loren got the Spanish burrito and I went for the ham, egg & cheese croissant.  The croissant was buttery and fresh and I had to hold myself back from ordering some of their other pastries to go.  Loren enjoyed the burrito.  It had chorizo, eggs, and cheese and a fresh salsa.  Total bill was $15.

Savory Street
411 North Orange Ave
Sarasota, FL

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  • Madfish Grill

    I have an obsession with Ipswich fried clams, so when I see them on a menu for a restaurant, we have to go eat there.  Madfish Grill in Sarasota is supposedly the only place in town that carries them.  They weren’t very busy when we arrived around 6:30pm which was fine with us.  We started off with some bread & the lobster fondue.



    The fondue was tasty with the toasted Cuban bread, but we didn’t like the strips of crunchy whatever it was that they put on top of it.  They tasted ok and we tried to remove most of them, but they sort of melted into the fondue so you couldn’t get a clean scoop without getting some of the now mushy garnish.  It was just unnecessary.  For his entree, Loren got the grouper Florentine.


    The asparagus was perfectly cooked and still crunchy, so he really liked that.  The grouper was also perfectly cooked, but after just having the fondue, the cheese sauce was a bit much.  It also had mashed potatoes on the bottom of it.  He was happy and very full.  The whole belly clams were the only thing on my mind.


    The clams were delicious.  Just like I remember from when I was a kid in New England.  The fries were ok, but the cole slaw was too tart for me.  I needed a touch of sweetness, so we got the chocolate lava cake.


    Pretty standard lava cake with ice cream and whipped cream.  Tasty end to a a tasty meal.  Total bill with a drink was $68.

    Madfish Grill
    4059 Cattlemen Rd
    Sarasota, FL

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    Rainy Friday

    It was a dark and rainy evening in Sarasota, but lucky for us that meant there wasn’t a crowd at Yoder’s.  We’ve tried to eat here in the past, but the line was always too long so we’d just get some pie to go.  As much as I wanted to love the food here, it just didn’t live up to my expectations.

    We started off with some bread and clam chowder.



    The bread was fresh and soft and the chowder was pretty good.  It could have used a little more seasoning, but it was thick and creamy.  For his entree, Loren chose the roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes and okra.



    We heard the he ladies at the table next to us comment on how that didn’t like the okra they got, but ours was ok.  He said the dish was very plain and needed more seasoning overall.  I ordered the fried chicken with a side of mac & cheese and corn cakes.




    On Friday’s, they only have pan fried chicken which ended up being tough inside and the skin wasn’t very crispy.  It just wasn’t juicy at all.  The mac & cheese was very creamy and had a nice flavor to it.  I had asked about the corn cakes before I ordered them and the waiter said they were like pancakes with corn in them.  I still had a different picture in my mind until he brought them out with some maple syrup.  Unfortunately, they were a bit too dense.   The main reason we came here, though, was for the pie.



    I got the blueberry and Loren got the butterscotch cream pie.  Getting there late in the day means there aren’t as many pie options available.  I wanted the blueberry cream pie they had the last time I was here, but it wasn’t on the  menu.  Second choice was the double crust blueberry pie, but the waiter brought the blueberry crumb as that was all they had.  I didn’t like the crumb topping.  Loren said he didn’t like the texture of his pie filling.  It was sort of grainy, but it did have a good butterscotch flavor to it.  I also got a slice of pineapple cream pie to bring home and I liked that one a lot better than the others.  Total bill with a drink was $50.

    Yoder’s Restaurant
    3434 Bahia Vista St
    Sarasota, FL
    (941) 955-7771

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  • I’ve been on vacation all week & took a drive down to Sarasota for the day.  On the way home, I got some take out pie from Yoders.  There are no photos because once I took the first bite, it didn’t last very long.  The mixed berry was really good, but the blueberry cream pie was probably the best blueberry pie I’ve ever eaten in my life.  I don’t know that I’ve ever had a blueberry pie with blueberries that were so fresh and crunchy.  Sadly, all the blueberry pies I’ve ever eaten were just mushy inside.  And Yoders makes some of the best pie crust around too.  Mmmm… I think I need to take another trip to Sarasota soon.

    Two pieces of pie & a side of mac & cheese that was awesome, creamy and yummy ended up being the most well spent $13 to date.

    Yoder’s Restaurant
    3434 Bahia Vista St
    Sarasota, FL
    (941) 955-7771

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    Since the line at Yoder’s was out the door, we drove over to Troyer’s Dutch Heritage for dinner instead.  This place is huge!  Besides the restaurant, there’s also a bakery and gift shop.  From the moment we walked in, it had a very corporate, commercialized feel to it. 

    We were able to get a table without a wait.  Our waitress was very prompt about taking our drink orders and then returning quickly to get our dinner order.  They had a buffet, but we both decided to order off the menu. 

    Loren chose the roast beef dinner and for his two sides he got mashed potatoes and gravy and the salad bar.  As soon as he sat down from filling his plate at the salad bar, our entrees arrived.  This place is all about moving quantities of people through quickly. 

    The fresh rolls were probably the best part of the meal.

    They had a pretty big salad bar.  Loren said he just had to try a mustard egg.  He didn’t think much of it.  Said it was pretty dry. 

    As for the roast beef and mashed potatoes, he said they were ok, but nothing special.   They touted their mashed potatoes as “real” mashed potatoes, but I swear they had something other than just potatoes, milk and butter in them.  That’s my definition of real mashed potatoes.  If you add dried potato flakes or anything else to them, the consistency, taste, and texture is altered past the point of them tasting like real mashed potatoes.

    I ordered the 3 piece dark meat broasted chicken with creamed corn and sweet potato casserole.

    I didn’t really like either of the side dishes.  The corn was very bland and tasteless.  The sweet potato casserole had a flavor in it that I couldn’t quite identify.  It just didn’t satisfy.  The chicken was ok, but I didn’t like the taste of the coating on it.  Healthier that way, since I didn’t feel compelled to eat the skin, but I would have liked more overall flavor.  Honestly, I think the chicken from the deli at Publix tastes better.

    We got a slice of apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert.  The waitress split it into two plates.

    The pie was ok, but definitely not sweet enough.  The top crust was pretty good because it was sprinkled with sugar, but the filling was bland and the ice cream was soft serve.

    Total dinner ran us $31.  While we were eating, Loren said the food tasted like what you’d get at the old Morrison’s Cafeteria restaurants.  It was all just very bland and tasted like it was just being churned out in large batches to feed the masses.   I didn’t feel like I was eating at a down home restaurant, but rather at a corporate franchise.

    Troyer’s Dutch Heritage
    3713 Bahia Vista St
    Sarasota, FL

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