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We’ve walked by Grimaldi’s Pizzeria at Countryside Mall a bunch of times and finally decided it was time to check it out.  It was about 8pm on a Sunday night and they weren’t very busy.  We got a small regular pizza and added garlic, meatballs, and mushrooms to it.


I understand charging for toppings, but $2 for fresh garlic is a bit on the unreasonable side.  I liked the crust of the pizza, but not the sauce.  It had that “not cooked long enough tomato from a can taste” and desperately needed the garlic we added.  The meatballs were ok, and normally, I don’t like a thin crust, but this one had the right texture to it.  You could even watch the guys in the kitchen tossing the dough.  They had a special butterscotch cheesecake that we couldn’t pass up.


I’d come back just for the cheesecake.  It was silky smooth with a wonderful butterscotch flavor.  Absolutely delicious.   Would I come back for the pizza?  Probably not.  It was overpriced and lacked the flavors I was after.  Total bill with a drink was $32.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
27001 Hwy 19 N.
Clearwater, FL
(727) 725-1200

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There are a lot of little restaurants tucked away on the side streets in downtown Safety Harbor and tonight we made our way over to Pizzeria Gregario. They must have had a line waiting when they opened because we were there pretty early and all of the inside tables were already occupied. Luckily, it was a beautiful evening and the outside tables were in the shade.

Their menu is on the wall as you walk in and then you order at the counter & they bring the food out to you.  Loren started off with a salad.


Honestly, I’ve never heard him rave about a salad as much as he did about this one.  It had a little bit of this & that and seasoned perfectly as far as he was concerned.  I think he would go back just for the salad.  Loren made the mistake of getting a GuS soda which is supposed to be a not too sweet “grown-up soda”.  It was quite awful tasting.  We also ordered a side of meatballs.


He liked them more than I did.  They were well seasoned, but I didn’t find them moist enough for my taste.  The sauce was a bit on the loose side as well.  It had the flavors, just not quite the texture I was after.  That little gator in the background was our table designation.  He looked like he was ready to eat everything brought to the table.  For our pizza, we went with the mushroom.


It was ok, but neither of us would be tempted to order it again.  The crust was good, but it has a gremolata on top and with every bite the lemon zest overpowered all of the other flavors.  Lemon and pizza just isn’t a combination that worked for us.   Overall, the food was fresh, and we may go back & try a different pizza at some point.  If nothing else, Loren would be happy just to have more salad.  Total bill with a drink was $33.

Pizzeria Gregario
400 2nd Street North
Safety Harbor, FL

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We decided to try the Mellow Mushroom for dinner tonight.  Friday night and the place was packed.  We had about a 30 minute wait before we got a table.  This is one of those restaurants where the acoustics are horrible.  Bare floors, open ceiling and you can barely hear yourself think, never mind trying to actually have a conversation without yelling across the table.  We definitely didn’t need it, but we started off with the spinach artichoke dip.


The dip itself was tasty, but I’m just not a fan of crunchy toast points.  I find them hard to eat.  I actually wasn’t sure that 6 pieces of bread were going to be enough, but it ended up being a good ratio of dip to scoop.  For our pizza, we went for a medium Holy Shiitake.



I really enjoyed this pizza.  It had shiitake, button, and portobello mushrooms, onions and a blend of cheeses plus a garlic and olive oil base.  It was had such a wonderful blend of flavors. The crust was perfectly cooked, not too crunchy, not too soft.  I would absolutely order it again, though probably to go.  Total bill with a drink was $20.

Mellow Mushroom
2630 Gulf to Bay Blvd
Clearwater, FL

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  • One of our favorite pizzas is the Grandma’s pizza at Corteos in Palm Harbor, so it’s doubly disappointing when it doesn’t turn out as well as we know it can.

    We got it with mushrooms and meatballs.  Besides taking a really long time to come out of the kitchen, the pizza was so unevenly cooked.  The middle was really soggy, one side was crispy, and the other side not quite there.  Our waiter disappeared, so I think it was the manager that boxed up the leftovers.  She asked how it was and we said not as good as it should have been and she said, “Because it was soggy in the middle?  Sometimes the oil in the pan does that. “.   Obviously, she noticed it when she went to box the pizza, but you would think that if this has happened before, they’d find a way to fix it.  She did offer me a free cannoli though.

    It was ok, but had a little too much cinnamon for my tastes.  Total bill with a drink was $21.

    Corteo’s Pizza and Pasta
    32922 US Hwy 19 N
    Palm Harbor, FL

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  • So Long Nick

    We ate dinner at Panos Kouzina tonight and found out the restaurant has been sold to the guy who used to own Alberto’s in Oldsmar.  Tonight was the original owner Nick’s last night in the restaurant.  He came over and chatted with us for a while when he noticed me taking photos and said he’d been reading my blog.

    Tonight we tried the Mediterranean hand tossed pizza.

    It was really good with a very fresh taste to it.  It had chicken, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, feta, and garlic.  I’m usually a fan of a deep dish crust pizza, but I enjoyed the hand tossed crust on this one.   The last time we had pizza here we both got personal pizzas and the crust seemed a lot thinner on that one.

    Since we’re not sure what’s going to change with the new owner, I figured I better get a piece of the chocolate cake while it’s still there.

    It’s got the fudgey goodness.  It’s such a thick, rich yummy chocolate cake.  Total bill was $23.  The name of the restaurant will likely change in the next few months so we’ll have to go back and check it out under the new owner.

    Panos Kouzina
    3101 SR 580
    Safety Harbor, FL
    (727) 797–2667

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