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After taking photos of the perigee full moon tonight, we headed over to the Safety Harbor Grill for dinner.  We had planned to go to the Whistlestop, but it was packed, so we just went next door instead.  They had music on the patio and it wasn’t crowded at all. 

We both decided on burgers. Loren got the bacon cheeseburger and I ordered the fried green tomato burger.

Both burgers were pretty good.  They had a nice flavor.  I didn’t think the fried green tomatoes did much for it though.  I ended up having to take one of them off because it was a bit too tough for the sandwich.  I wouldn’t order it again.  We also got some cheesecake for dessert.

It was very creamy and had a nice flavor.  Total dinner was $20.  Here’s one of the moonrise photos I took.

Safety Harbor Grill
997 Main St
Safety Harbor, FL

Safety Harbor Grill and Bar on Urbanspoon


We had tickets to Young Frankenstein at Ruth Eckerd Hall tonight (great show), so wanted to eat dinner somewhere close.  We tried Johnny’s, but they were mobbed, so we ended up at Grind House.

Service was a bit lacking tonight, but the food was good.  We started out with the shrimp and lobster bisque.

This is one of those soups that left a lasting impression since the first time I had.  It’s rich and creamy with a wonderful flavor.  Definitely a must order if you eat here.   Loren decided on a burger with mushrooms and provolone.

It also came with home made chips.  He said it was cooked just right and tasty.  The chips were crunchy and not like anything you get out of a bag.

I ordered some bangers and mash.

The sausages had a nice flavor.  You could definitely taste the fennel.  Homemade  mashed potatoes with an onion mushroom gravy went great with it, though more gravy would have been better.  And for dessert, I got a slice of chocolate cheesecake to go.

It wasn’t a very big slice, but it was rich with chocolately goodness.  I’d definitely order it again.  Total bill was $28.

Grind House Bar & Grill
1500 McMullen Booth Rd
Clearwater, FL

Grind House Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon


We ate lunch at Burger 21 in Westchase today.  This is definitely not your average burger joint and we neither of us ordered an average burger either. 

Loren went for the Ahi Tuna burger and fries.

It was lightly fried, but still rare enough in the middle.  It had avocado, pickled cucumbers, lettuce and tomato on it.  I might have to get one for myself next time, it was pretty tasty.  The fries were crispy and yummy too.

I opted for the special this month which was the gyro burger and I’m never one to pass up sweet potato fries.

The lamb burger was very juicy and flavorful.  It had a tzatziki sauce, plus lettuce and tomato on it.  The sweet potato fries were cut very thin and were wonderful dipped in the apple cider sauce.  They had a bunch of different sauces on their sauce bar; the Thai ketchup and honeycomb mustard were good too. 

And on the way out, I couldn’t help but get a chocolate cherry bomb milkshake to go.

It was a little thin for a milkshake, but the chocolate cherry flavors were tasty.  The only downside of the restaurant was the price, $29 for the two of us.   The food was good, no doubt about it, but we could absolutely do better than burgers and fries for $30.

Burger 21
9664 W. Linebaugh Ave
Tampa, FL
(813) 475-5921

Burger 21 on Urbanspoon


Ate lunch at Cafe Ten-O-One in St Pete before we headed over to the Morean Arts Center.  Downtown St Pete was pretty quiet today since Gasparilla was going on in Tampa. 

We both ordered burgers.  I got the cheeseburger with sweet potato fries and potato salad and Loren got the Bistro burger with tots and cole slaw. 

The kitchen seemed to be having a few issues today.  I had ordered my burger with just mayo, lettuce, and tomato, but there was everything on the bun on my plate.  Luckily, they had just put the wrong top bun on our plates and Loren had mine.  The other issue is that Loren’s Bistro burger should have had bacon on it and it didn’t.  Our waitress reduced the price of his burger and said they had a new cook that didn’t know what went on each burger yet.

As for the burgers, though, they were pretty good.  They had some nice flavors going on.  Good diner burger.  The sweet potato fries and tater tots were also crunchy and tasty.  I thought the potato salad had too much onion in it and the cole slaw was kind of dry.  Overall, for $17 it was a pretty good lunch.

Cafe Ten-O-One
1001 First Ave. N.
St Petersburg, FL
(727) 894-4238

Cafe Ten-O-One on Urbanspoon


We ventured over to Jack Willies for lunch today.  They weren’t very busy, but you wouldn’t have guessed that by the service.  We split a mushroom swiss burger with some fries and onion rings.

It took a long time for the burger to come out.  Our medium burger was more like well done and both the fries and onion rings had been in the fryer too long or the oil was too hot.  Overall, just not a very satisfying meal. 

Then, their credit card machine went on the fritz so our waitress disappeared to go deal with that.  I really used to love going to Jack Willies, but the last few times we’ve been there, it’s been disappointing.  Total bill was $14 with a drink.

Jack Willie’s Tiki Bar and Grill
1013 St Petersburg Dr
Oldsmar, FL

Jack Willie's Original Tiki Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon