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We decided to try The Moon Under Water in St Pete for lunch today.  It’s an Indian/English type of pub with a mixed fare of entrees.  I couldn’t resist the fried mac & cheese for an appetizer.



They could have been a little thicker, but otherwise they were kind of tasty.  Crispy on the outside and gooey mac & cheese inside.   The marinara sauce had an interesting flavor to it as well.  For his entree, Loren got the mojo chicken sandwich.



The chicken had a really nice flavor to it, but it was so thick that there was no way he could eat it as a sandwich.  The tomato slice was equally as thick.  He said the chicken could have been a little more tender too.  The fries were really good.  I went for the English pasty.



The flavors were really good in this dish as well, but it was undercooked.  The pastry was doughy on the inside and several of the veggies including the potatoes were just hard.  It definitely needed to stay in the oven a while longer.  The gravy and fries were really good though.  Total bill with a drink was $33.

Moon Under Water
332 Beach Drive NE
St Pete, FL

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We started off the new year with a trip down to Ft DeSoto Park and stopped at the Chattaway for lunch.  We both opted for some burgers today.  Loren just a plain hamburger & mine a cheeseburger with mushrooms.

Both were fresh, tasty and very juicy.  Definitely a good homemade burger.  It is a cash only joint and most of the seating is outside on the patio.  Total bill was $16 with a drink.

358 22nd Ave South
St Petersburg, FL
(727) 823-1594

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We ate at Red Mesa Cantina tonight on our way to see “Rent” on Demen’s Landing.  We got a little lost finding it since the street numbers didn’t seem to match up right.

Loren ordered the beef cazuela and I got the duck quesadillas.  Our food came out very quickly.   It really seemed odd as to how fast it got to the table.

Both dishes were overpriced and unimpressive.  The duck could have been any kind of shredded meat and there wasn’t all that much of it in the dish.  There was also a miniscule amount of goat cheese in the quesadilla.  The sauce on the plate was pretty spicy.  Loren didn’t think much of his dish either.  Total bill was $29 with a drink. 

Red Mesa Cantina
128 Third St. S.
St Petersburg, FL
(727) 896-8226

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We were headed down to Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in St Petersburg today and ate lunch at Munch’s Sundries.  Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive Ins and Dives filmed there earlier this year and based on our experience, I think it was a good pick. 

It’s got that diner feel to it.  Been around since the 1950’s and the photos on the walls bring you back to an era long gone.  We started off with some onion straws.

It was a big ol’ basket of lightly battered, very yummy onion rings.  This is one of those addictive appetizers.  Loren even found a few bonus items in the basket, some okra and a piece of fried chicken.  The waitress said sometimes you may even end up with a fried shrimp in there.  For lunch, Loren got a cheeseburger with fries.

He said the burger was good, but that the bun had a bit too much mustard and relish on it for this taste.  He ended up having to help me eat my lunch, the BBQ rib sandwich.

Ok, I’m not really sure why they called it a sandwich, maybe because there were two pieces of bread on the plate?  It was just three of the tastiest BBQ ribs I’ve had in a long time.  They were so tender and had lots of flavor.  I didn’t even bother with the BBQ sauce.  I would definitely come back for more BBQ.  Loren’s even thinking about using them to cater BBQ for one of their autocross events.

And when there’s homemade apple pie on the menu, I find it very hard to resist.

Lots of apples and cinnamon on a tasty crust.  And the best part was that the whole meal with a drink was $21.  Next time we’re in south St Pete, we’re definitely stopping here again.

Munch’s Sundries
3920 6th St S
St Petersburg, FL
(727) 896-5972

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After our trip to the Morean Arts Center, HotShop, and the Chihuly Collection, we still weren’t ready to eat dinner, but decided to get some take out from the Nola Cafe for later. 

We got the combination platter which had red beans and rice, gumbo and jambalaya, some beignets, and a bowl of crawfish etouffee.

Out of the combo, the gumbo was definitely the best.  It had a very smooth, velvety texture to it, plus some really nice flavors.  The red beans and rice was ok, and the jambalaya was smoky and kind of plain.  There was some spices in all three, but they weren’t overly spicy.  The crawfish etouffee, however, was really spicy.

The spice doesn’t hit you when you first put it in your mouth, but once it hits the back of your throat, you feel some heat.  Unfortunately, it had more heat than flavor going on. 

As for the beignets, I don’t know if it was the drive home or if they’re always this way, but they were kind of doughy.

They weren’t great.  Overall, nothing really stood out about the food.  It was ok, but I still prefer the Cajun Cafe.  The food here just didn’t seem as fresh and homemade as I was hoping for.  Total bill was $32.

Nola Cafe
300 Beach Dr NE
St Petersburg, FL
(813) 258-8778

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