We drove over to Brandon today for some Spanish food at La Septima Cafe.  The restaurant’s been there since 1995 and the menu is filled with traditional dishes.

Loren decided to get a taste of a few of them with the “Walk Around La Septima” dish.

This had Ropa Vieja, which is a shredded tender flank steak simmered in a burgandy wine sauce, Picadillo, which is ground beef, olives and capers in a tomato sauce, and Lechon Asado, which is marinated pork, plus yellow rice and black beans.  It was a lot of food.  He liked the pork and beans the best.  I liked the taste of the Ropa Vieja. 

I ordered the Arroz Con Pollo with black beans and some Cuban bread.

The dish had a wing and a chicken breast.  The wing was great.  The flavors in the chicken were really incredible.  The breast, however, was really dry.  All of the flavor was in the chicken skin.  The rice and beans were ok and the bread was good.

We got a piece of their caramel chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

The “chocolate” consisted of a few chocolate chips tossed on top.  The caramel sauce was good, but there wasn’t much of it.  The cheesecake was very thick.  This wasn’t a creamy cheesecake.  It was made with ricotta cheese and had an almost grainy texture.  Don’t get me wrong, it was good, just not a very smooth cheesecake.

Lunch ran us $29.  The food was ok, but I doubt we’d drive back to Brandon to visit again. 

La Septima Cafe
140 N Parsons Ave
Brandon, FL

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