When you live in Pinellas County, Spring Break takes on a whole new meaning.  One of extremely dense and slow traffic and out-of-state morons who have no understanding of the term “courtesy”.  Today’s high-powered lunch meeting takes us to the Sloppy Pelican in St Pete Beach, Florida… which, for me, meant a 22.5 mile journey across the county at the peak of Spring Break season.  Joy.

Now, I didn’t think to take any pictures of the food today.  But, I did get a shot from the upper deck while I was waiting for the boss to show up.  Would you just look at that view!  Almost worth over an hour of driving in Spring Break traffic to get to even if the food wasn’t good… and the food IS good.

I had a nice lightly blackened Mahi Mahi sandwich.  About $8 with chips, pretty typical for that kind of sandwich.  Did I mention the view?

Sloppy Pelican
677 75th Avenue
St. Pete Beach, FL 33706
(727) 360-7100

Sloppy Pelican Saloon on Urbanspoon