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Lunch Repeats

Since I didn’t go grocery shopping over the weekend, I ate out a few extra times for lunch this week.  Hit the usual places, Amari Thai and Cuban Breezes and ordered some of my favorites, the mussamun curry $11 and a Cuban philly $7.50. 

I’m running out of new places in Oldsmar to eat for lunch.




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  • Cuban Breezes is our go-to restaurant when we want a quick, tasty, inexpensive meal.   We headed over there for lunch today.  Normally, I’ll get a side of rice and beans, but at the recommendation of the waitress, I got a cup of their clam chowder with my chicken philly sandwich.

    It was not good.  It was a very weak, waterly soup and didn’t have a fresh taste at all.  When she came back by the table and realized I hadn’t eaten any of it she got it taken off the bill since she was the one that recommended it.  From now on, I’ll stick with the rice and beans. 

    The chicken philly was good.  It had onions and peppers on their delicious Cuban bread.  Plus I always add in some Havana sauce to everything I eat here.

    Loren got the pan con lechon sandwich with a side of rice and beans.

    Normally, he doesn’t get it as a sandwich, but he seemed to really enjoy it.  For $16, it was a filling, tasty lunch.

    Cuban Breezes
    13980 W Hillsborough Ave
    Tampa, FL

    Cuban Breezes on Urbanspoon

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  • When all I’ve brought for lunch is a sandwich, it doesn’t take much to convince me to go out for lunch.  Loren likes Andy’s on the Bay and since they’re only open during the week for lunch, I suggested we head over there.

    Andy’s is a small cafeteria style restaurant that’s usually very crowded at lunchtime.  I was surprised there weren’t more people in there today.  The name is a bit confusing, since the restaurant isn’t on the water.  Instead it’s located in an industrial neighborhood in Oldsmar.

    I decided to try the chicken today and Loren got some pork with rice and beans.

    The chicken was a bit dry.  The pork was really good and tender.  I should know better than to order anything except the pork.  I think this is Loren’s favorite place to get rice and beans.  For $11, it’s a cheap, quick lunch.

    Andy’s on the Bay
    472 East Douglas
    Oldsmar, FL

    Andy's on the Bay on Urbanspoon

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  • We drove over to Brandon today for some Spanish food at La Septima Cafe.  The restaurant’s been there since 1995 and the menu is filled with traditional dishes.

    Loren decided to get a taste of a few of them with the “Walk Around La Septima” dish.

    This had Ropa Vieja, which is a shredded tender flank steak simmered in a burgandy wine sauce, Picadillo, which is ground beef, olives and capers in a tomato sauce, and Lechon Asado, which is marinated pork, plus yellow rice and black beans.  It was a lot of food.  He liked the pork and beans the best.  I liked the taste of the Ropa Vieja. 

    I ordered the Arroz Con Pollo with black beans and some Cuban bread.

    The dish had a wing and a chicken breast.  The wing was great.  The flavors in the chicken were really incredible.  The breast, however, was really dry.  All of the flavor was in the chicken skin.  The rice and beans were ok and the bread was good.

    We got a piece of their caramel chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

    The “chocolate” consisted of a few chocolate chips tossed on top.  The caramel sauce was good, but there wasn’t much of it.  The cheesecake was very thick.  This wasn’t a creamy cheesecake.  It was made with ricotta cheese and had an almost grainy texture.  Don’t get me wrong, it was good, just not a very smooth cheesecake.

    Lunch ran us $29.  The food was ok, but I doubt we’d drive back to Brandon to visit again. 

    La Septima Cafe
    140 N Parsons Ave
    Brandon, FL

    La Septima on Urbanspoon

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  • We had our Friday lunch meeting in our Conference Room, known to some as the Gulf Coast beaches of Pinellas County.  Cathy tells me I’m supposed to take photos of my food.  Meh.

    So, we got our lunch from the Kooky Coconut (which used to be the Tacky Turtle, for those of you who have been around here for a while).  Nice little sandwich and ice cream kinda joint.  They carry Working Cow ice cream, which is pretty awesome stuff, but we didn’t have any.  They do Cuban sandwiches and other types of sandwiches.  Fritz had a Cuban and didn’t like it because it wasn’t “authentic” enough for him.  They tried to jazz it up with better mustard, better pickles and fancy cheese.  Everybody knows a Cuban is all about plain ol’ mustard and crappy pickles!  I think they also buttered the bread, making it kinda greasy.  Idunno, I’m not a big fan of Cuban sandwiches, anyway.

    They recently expanded to include some Mexican fare on the menu, which is what Ash and I went with.  I got chicken tacos, Ash got a beef burrito.  Both came with chips and salsa.  I went with crispy corn tacos because that’s the way a taco should be.  “Soft tacos” are burritos!  The chicken tacos were very good.  I got them loaded, which included beans, cheese, black olives, salsa and who knows what else.  Nothing spectacular, but the chicken was freshly grilled and well-seasoned, and it put a smile on my face.  Ash wasn’t quite as wowed with his burrito, but seemed quite satisfied with it.  Looked good to me.  It was fat and stuffed with beef, rice, beans and stuff.  The chips were not fresh made, nor was the salsa, but they were adequate.

    All in all, we all ate for something like $6.95 each plus a drink.  There’s no way you can complain about what we got for the price!  Oh, and the Kooky Coconut now offers their patrons beach seating in their 6 “key lime green” chairs ON the beach, just inches from the water.  Perfect!

    Their website is dead, but they’re on Facebook! And Twitter!

    Kooky Coconut
    760 Gulf Blvd
    Indian Rocks Beach, FL
    (727) 517-1300

    Kooky Coconut on Urbanspoon