We were out geocaching today in Conner Preserve and one of the geocaches was called Cowabunga.  It fit in with the California themed restaurant we went to, ZimZari.

They brought chips and salsa to the table and we ordered some guacamole too.

Loren said the salsa tasted like it was out of a jar, but the guac was fresh and tasty.  It had chunks of avacado in it and wasn’t spicy, so I ate a bunch of it.

We ordered the tuna tacos and the filet mignon tacos. 

I hadn’t expected my tuna tacos to be spicy, but there was definitely something spicy on them.  Loren and I ended up eating one of each other’s tacos.  He liked the mango that came with mine.

The filet tacos were good.  They had crunchy fried onions on them.  The rice and beans that came with both were ok.

I needed something sweet so we ordered the California Cannoli.

Now, I’ve eaten a lot of cannoli in my life, but none like this.  These had just been taken out of the deep fryer so they were still warm.  It had cannoli cream and bananas inside, plus whipped cream and some chocolate sauce to dip them in.  They were pretty tasty.

Overall, the food was pretty good for a chain restaurant.  It was definitely loud in there though.  We spent $30 for an appetizer, two entrees, dessert and a drink. 

3230 Little Road
Trinity, FL
(727) 375-9755

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