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We needed a break from turkey, so we headed out to Vetture’s in Palm Harbor for lunch before walking through John Chestnut Park.

Since we’ve been eating non-stop for the last two days, we decided to split a 12″ cheesesteak sub and an order of fries.

I like the cheesesteaks here.  The unique thing about them is that they put a little bit of  tomato sauce under the cheese.  It gives it a different flavor and makes the whole thing very moist and gooey.  The roll is lightly toasted so you get a little crunch as well.  The 12″ sub was more than enough for the two of us.  With the fries and a drink, the total bill was $15.

Vetture’s Restaurant and Pizzeria
36137 East Lake Road
Palm Harbor, FL

Vetture's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon


No Waiting

One thing I can say about Jimmy John’s is that they are quick at putting together a sub.  By the time we had paid and walked over to the soft drink fountain, both our subs were ready. 

We ordered a #8 Billy Club and a #7 Smoked Ham along with chips and drinks.  I thought the rolls were a little on the tough side today.  They were a bit chewy.  Total bill was almost $18, which seemed a little on the high side. 

Jimmy John’s
2519 McMullen Booth Road
Clearwater, FL

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches on Urbanspoon


I used to work in Dunedin and when we were all craving cheesesteaks, we’d head over to LaSpada’s.  They’ve since changed their name to Delco’s, but everything else is still the same.  From the tiny dining area where you’re lucky to find a table to paying on your way out and cheesesteaks with ooey gooey goodness.


I get my cheesesteak with mayo, onions and mushrooms.  It comes to the table lava hot and it’s difficult to wait long enough so you don’t burn the roof of your mouth.  But, it’s definitely worth the wait.  The rolls are soft and yummy and the whole thing just brings a smile to my face.

Loren went for a roast beef sub which was piled high.

There’s roast beef on the bottom, then all the fixin’s and then more roast beef on top.  Good stuff.  With two drinks, the total was $16.

Looks like they’re expanding as well.  There used to be a Quiznos in the same shopping center, but I heard someone say they moved out recently and the signage out front is Delco’s now. 

Delco’s Original Steaks and Hoagies
1737 Main St
Dunedin, FL
(727) 738-4700

Delco's Original Steaks and Hoagies on Urbanspoon

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  • Big Sub

    We went over to Gino’s in Palm Harbor for lunch today.  We’d eaten here a few years ago and figured it was time to check it out again.  They were pretty crowded for a Tuesday. 

    Loren ordered a salad and half Italian sub lunch special.

    He said the meats were good, but the sandwich was a little dry due to the dressing not being spread out across the whole sandwich.  Lot more bread than meat on this one.

    I ordered the steak and cheese sub.

    It was huge.  I found it to be a little dry as well.  Definitely not very greasy, but the cheese wasn’t gooey enough for me.  Mind you, I ended up slathering the whole thing in mayo anyway, but it just didn’t have a lot of juicy goodness. 

    There was only one waitress working the dining room and she was running around quite a bit.  It took a while to get our drinks & check.  Total lunch with a drink was $16.

    3394 Tampa Rd
    Palm Harbor, FL 34684
    (727) 789-6883

    Gino's on Urbanspoon


    Quick Sub

    Had to run to an autoparts store in Oldsmar at lunch today and since Subway was right next door, figured it’d be a quick, easy, cheap lunch. 

    I got a sweet onion teriyaki chicken on wheat.

    It was ok, nothing to write home about.  I swear the lady at the counter told me 5 times that it was really hot, having just come out of the microwave.  I was a little dismayed to not be able to grab a couple of extra napkins at the beverage stand.  Guess you have to go back to the counter for those.  Subway has never been my favorite sub shop, but for $5 it was a quick and inexpensive lunch.

    3775 Tampa Rd
    Oldsmar, FL
    (813) 749-8205

    Subway on Urbanspoon