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Loren was in the mood for a salad tonight so we headed over to Largo and had dinner at Athenian Garden.  It had been a while since we’ve eaten here, but I remembered the Greek salad was tasty.  We started off with some bread and dolmades.




The bread is crusty and soft and  would be even better if it was served warm.  The dolmades had a flavorful filling and the lemon sauce on top was good without being overwhelmingly lemony.  Loren ordered the tabouleh and hummus salad.



It looked like a small volcano, but he enjoyed it.  I ordered the gyro platter which also came with a Greek salad.




The gyro meat was served with grilled onions and peppers and a side of very garlicy tzatziki sauce. It also came with rice and pita.  I really like the Greek dressing and potato salad here and the gyro was very good.  I’d order it again.  Total bill with a drink was $28.

Athenian Garden
12670 Starkey Rd
Largo, FL
(727) 518-8888

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  • Hearty Food

    We ended up at Cricketers for dinner tonight when the restaurant we were going to ended up being closed.  They were busy, but we didn’t have to wait for a table.  We started off with the bangers in batter.



    I’m a sucker for deep fried anything and these deep fried sausages were really yummy.  They’re served with gravy which just added to the tastiness.  I could have eaten another plate of these.  I couldn’t decide between the Irish stew and the chicken & vegetable pie, so Loren graciously got the Irish stew so I could taste it.



    It had a nice homey taste to it.  It had lamb and veggies and was covered with sliced potatoes.  He ate the whole thing.  The chicken and veggie pie was tasty too.



    It also had a nice hearty and rich flavor to it.  Both entrees come with two sides, so there was way more food here for me to eat.  I ended up taking half of mine home.  But, that didn’t stop us from getting the Cricketers 99 sundae.



    Sometimes the simple desserts are the best.  It was vanilla ice cream with caramel, chocolate, whipped cream and some chocolate wafers. Good stuff.  And we were sufficiently stuffed by the time we walked out of there.  Total bill with a drink was $46.

    2634 Bayshore, Blvd
    Dunedin, FL

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  • We decided to try the new Brick House Tavern and Tap in Clearwater tonight.  The noise level is off the charts from the moment you open the door.  I think we counted at least 30 TV’s from where we were sitting and I’m sure we missed some.  Our waiter came to take our order and after that, we barely saw him again.  We started off with the spiked calamari.



    We had to flag down another server to ask for plates and silverware since our waiter neglected to bring any to the table.  The calamari was really good.  Thick pieces with a nice crunch.  It was tasty.  For his entree, Loren ordered the grilled mahi mahi.



    He said it was cooked well.  The fish was tender and flaky and had a nice seasoning to it.  I ordered the pork meatball sandwich with a side of tots.



    I liked the flavor of the meatballs, but wasn’t too keen on the bbq sauce on them.  It was a bit spicy and just a little too strong that it covered up the delicate flavor of the meatballs.  My drink was empty halfway through the meal, but our waiter was no where to be found.  Eventually, he came by to clear the plates and cleared my empty glass without asking if I’d like something more to drink.  Now,  here’s the odd part.  When he brought the check, he brought two to-go cups filled with water & tea which we didn’t ask for.  It would have been nice to have our drinks filled during our meal, but why would you just bring to-go drinks for no reason??   Overall, the food was good, but the poor service and the fact that it’s a loud sports bar will likely mean we won’t be back anytime soon. Total bill with a drink was $41.

    Brick House Tavern and Tap
    28795 US 19 N
    Clearwater, FL
    (727) 726-6352

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    We ate an early dinner at Casa Tina in Dunedin tonight.  We didn’t realize there was an art festival going on, so it was a bit crowded in downtown.  Loren ordered the carnitas and I went for the chicken flautas.




    I had already started disassembling the flautas before I remembered to take a photo.  I had to scrape off the salsa and guacamole.  There was a time when I really liked the guacamole here, it was very mild.  Now, even just the little bit I left on the plate was too spicy for my tastebuds.  Loren was more than happy to have it though.  He said the carnitas were perfectly cooked and tender.  The flautas were nice and crunchy and the rice and beans were good too. Total bill with a drink was $35.

    Casa Tina’s 
    365 Main Street
    Dunedin, FL

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  • We were driving through Westchase earlier today and I noticed a new restaurant on Countryway Blvd called Fresh Bites, so we headed over there for dinner.  It’s a little Mediterranean restaurant that boasts of fresh, natural ingredients.  You order at the counter and then they bring the food out to you.  We started off with the cucumber yogurt salad which came with pita.



    This wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.  It was a bowl of very liquidy, creamy spiced yogurt with slices of cucumber in it.  I was expecting it to be thicker with cut up cucumber in it.  It just dripped off the pita.  For our entrees, we ordered the beef shawarma and the lamb grilled kafta kabab.




    Our inexperience with Mediterranean food and the fact that the person who brought our food to the table didn’t clearly specify which was which meant we actually ended up eating each other’s order instead of our own.  I had ordered the lamb kebab, but ended up with the shawarma.  We didn’t realize it until we were done eating and I happened to look at the menu and realized mine should have been the one with the rice.  The plates were both overly filled with salad.  For the price, I would have expected more meat on the plate.  They also came with roasted veggies and hummus.  I liked the taste of the kababs and the rice.  Loren cleared the plate.  He likes hummus and that kind of leafy salad.  It all had that very distinct middle eastern spice flavor to it. The shawarma was wrapped in pita, though we didn’t order it as a wrap.  It was cooked with onions and tomatoes, but again, there was just very little meat to it.  I think vegetarians would enjoy it here.  Normally, I drink water with my dinner, but I ordered the fresh lemonade.  It had an unusual taste to it.  It was very sweet, but I’m thinking maybe it was partially sweetened with honey.  They seemed to be doing a very good take-out business though.  Total bill with a drink was $35.

    Fresh Bites
    11665 Countryway Blvd
    Tampa, FL

    Fresh Bites on Urbanspoon