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Yummy Cuban

The Nosh Cafe recently opened where the Central Park Deli was in Oldsmar.  They have a good sized sandwich menu and Loren went for a half Amore roast beef sandwich and chili combo.



He said it was ok.  The sandwich had roast beef, garlic mayo, tomato and red onion & topped with melted Provolone on Cuban bread. Nothing out of the ordinary about it.  I ordered the Cuban sandwich with a side of potato salad.



This is one of my new favorite sandwiches.  It was so good.  The meats on it had such a wonderful flavor.  The Cuban bread was perfectly pressed and everything about it just worked.  From the first bite to the last, I had happy taste buds.  Even Loren said it was tasty.   I liked the potato salad as well.  We’ll definitely be back.  Total bill with two drinks was $21.

Nosh Cafe
4058 Tampa Rd, Ste 4
Oldsmar, FL

Nosh Cafe on Urbanspoon

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  • Bland Food

    We were driving through St Pete tonight and ate dinner at India Grill on Central Ave.  The thing we like most about Indian food is the depth of flavor that’s usually there from start to finish.  The food here was just bland.  We started off with the Veggie Samosa.



    They were stuffed with potatoes and peas and probably had more flavor than anything else we ate tonight.  Loren said even the green sauce that was served with them wasn’t spicy or flavorful.  Loren tried the Chef’s Special Biryani and I got the Butter Chicken and some garlic naan.





    The serving sizes were fine and we both had some leftovers.  Loren’s Biryani had meat, chicken, and shrimp in it.  He ordered his medium/mild and I ordered mine mild, but neither had any spice whatsoever in them.  Even the naan tasted like it was missing something.  This isn’t a restaurant we’ll be returning to.  Total bill with a drink was $39.

    India Grill
    409 Central Ave
    St Petersburg, FL

    India Grill on Urbanspoon


    Great Flavors

    We had never tried Korean food before, so today’s lunch adventure was out to One Family Korean Restaurant on Hillsborough.  It’s a hidden little gem located in the back of a shopping center.  From the moment we walked in the door, the aromas from the kitchen tempted our tastebuds.  We started off with some fried dumplings.



    We didn’t expect quite so many of them, but they were delicious.  The dipping sauce was savory, but not overly spicy.  The dumplings were crispy and had a pork and veggie filling.  For his entree, Loren tried the spicy pork lunch box.



    There was a ton of food in this box.  He said the pork was spicy and tender and he really enjoyed all the different sides that came with it.  He even asked for more of the bean sprouts to take home with his leftovers.  And trust me, there were leftovers all around.  I got the sweet & sour shrimp which was also served with a bunch of sides.




    The waitress said the side dishes change every day so you never know what you’re going to get.  I like the potato and apple salad the best.  There was also spinach & the bean sprouts that Loren loved, plus two other veggie dishes.  As for the sweet & sour shrimp, it was probably one of the best sweet & sour dishes I’ve ever eaten.  There were plenty of shrimp and they were perfectly cooked and nice and crispy.  The veggies included peppers, onions, mushrooms, cucumber pickles, and I think pears.  It was yummy and I had plenty for a second meal as well.  Total bill with a drink was $42 and we’ll definitely be back.

    One Family Korean Restaurant
    7030 W Hillsborough Ave
    Tampa, FL

    One Family Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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  • So Much Food

    If you’re heading out for dinner at the German Bistro II, you better be hungry.  The food is hearty, delicious, and there’s so much of it.  They start you off with some bread and cole slaw.



    The bread is thick and served with an herbed butter.  Loren even asked for seconds.  The cole slaw is fresh and crunchy with a bit of a peppery dressing on it.  For his entree, Loren went for the pork Jaegerschnitzel with warm potato salad and a house salad.



    The pork is super tender with a savory mushroom gravy on top.  He really enjoyed the vinegary flavor of the potato salad too.  I went for the chicken schnitzel with a side salad and spaetzle.



    I’m amazed at how tender they can get such a thin piece of chicken.  The breading had a nice lemon flavor to it and the spaetzle was delicious, especially with gravy on top.  The sides are unlimited and I was tempted to get another order of the spaetzle, but I knew I had to leave room for dessert.



    Black Forest cake is one of our favorites and this was an amazing one.  The cake was tender, the cherries had a nice tartness and it was served up with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.  As you can see from the photo, Loren’s got his fork ready & telling me to hurry up and take the photo.  This was an incredibly tasty and filling dinner for $45.

    German Bistro II
    1300 E Bay Dr Ste L
    Largo, FL

    German Bistro 2 on Urbanspoon


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  • We stopped by The Sandwich on Main for lunch today.  It’s a new little sandwich shop on Main Street in Safety Harbor.  The dining room isn’t very big and we ended up sitting at the counter in the back.  They have a wide range of specialty sodas and Loren liked the Hank’s Black Cherry, but since I normally just drink water, I was a bit surprised when the waitress brought me a cup of lukewarm tap water.  When I asked for ice, the waitress apologized and said they’ve been trying for the three months since they’ve opened to get an ice machine but they still hadn’t found one.

    As for the sandwiches, Loren got an Italian and I built my own ham & cheese.




    We both found the sandwiches to be very plain and lacking anything distinctive that would make us want to return to the restaurant.  Loren said the meats in the Italian were fine, but there wasn’t any pop of flavor from a vinegar/oil or Italian spice mix.  I didn’t like the flavor of the provolone cheese on mine and there wasn’t quite enough lettuce and tomato on the entire sandwich.  Total bill with a drink was $20.

    The Sandwich on Main
    308 Main Street
    Safety Harbor, FL

    The Sandwich on Main on Urbanspoon