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Greek Lunch

We went over to Famous Greek Salads on McMullen Booth Rd for lunch today.  It was a beautiful day & we sat outside.  Loren ordered the lunch Pick 2 with a Greek Salad and dolmades.

He was very pleased with the dolmades.  He said they weren’t just stuffed with rice, but had a flavorful beef filling as well.  The Greek salad had everything you could want in it with a tasty dressing.  I ordered a gyro with potato salad.

The gyro meat was cut thick and had a great flavor.  The pita was fresh and the tzatziki sauce was full of garlic, just like it should be.  Service was quick and friendly.  With a drink, the total was $19 and worth every penny.

Famous Greek Salads
2508 A McMullen Booth
Clearwater, FL
(727) 797-4998

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  • We had dinner at Asian Pearl in Clearwater tonight.  This is our go-to Chinese restaurant.  The food is always so fresh and tasty.  We started off with some spring rolls.

    Perfect crunch and a tasty filling.  Loren ordered the X.O. beef.  He’s ordered it before and always asks the waitress what’s in the XO sauce.  Whatever it is, it’s flavorful stuff.

    The beef is tender and he likes all of the different veggies in it.  I tried the cashew chicken tonight.

    This also had a lot of well cooked veggies, plus tender chicken in a tasty brown sauce.  There was enough on the plate that I had leftovers for the next day.  We’ll definitely be back for more.  Total bill with a drink was $33.

    Asian Pearl
    2551 Drew St #104
    Clearwater, FL

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  • Tucked away in a little strip mall on East Bay Drive in Clearwater, you’ll find the flavors of the Mediterranean.  The East Bistro is a small, casual restaurant where they definitely know how to marinate and season tender cuts of beef and chicken.  We started off with the baba ghanoush and pita and then split the trifecta plate.

    The Baba Ghanoush had a wonderful smoky flavor with just the right amount of garlic, tahini, & lemon juice.  The pita was fresh and perfect for dipping.  This was a small order and just the right size for the two of us.  The Trifecta place normally has beef kebabs, but they had run out, so they gave us beef shwarma instead.  It was so tender with just the right blend of Mediterranean spices.  The chicken was also incredibly tender and tasty.  The plate also came with Kibbeh, rice, salad, and hummus.

    Everything we ate was amazing and there were a few other things on the menu we wanted to try, but that’ll have to wait until next time.  And there will definitely be a next time.  The restaurant is small and there aren’t a lot of tables.  The food is fresh and takes a while to come out of the open kitchen and it was certainly worth the wait.  Total bill with a drink was $24.

    East Bistro
    4100 E Bay Drive, Unit B34
    Clearwater, FL

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    Mix it Up

    We went over to the Pierogi Grill in Clearwater for a late lunch today.  I wanted to try the different pierogi that they have and the only way to do that is to get the mixed plate.  Their other menu items only give you a choice of one kind and since I wasn’t sure which one I’d like the most, I figured I’d try them all.

    The mix had potato and cheddar, potato & farmers cheese, pork, and kraut & mushroom.  I found the potato and the pork ones to be a bit too dense.  I liked the kraut & mushroom ones the most.  The plate could have used some sort of sauce or at least more of the grilled onions.  Overall, it was just a bit on the dry side.  Loren got the Prince platter which had a cabbage roll, pierogi, sausage and kraut.

    Everything on the plate was tasty.  He liked the pork pierogi, the stuffed cabbage was really good and the kielbasa had a nice flavor.  I’d probably order that next time with the mushroom & kraut pierogi.  Total bill with a drink was $33.

    Pierogi Grill
    1535 Gulf to Bay Blvd
    Clearwater, FL

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    Looking for a new Mediterranean restaurant and ended up at Mirage Restaurant in Clearwater on Gulf to Bay.  Normally, we’re not too keen on buffets, but this one was surprisingly fresh and tasty.

    The buffet had a variety of salads and dips, my favorite being the babaganoush.  There were several different rice and vegetarian options, stuffed grape leaves, plus chicken and beef kababs.  We tried a bunch of different things and the meats were all very tender and everything had a good mix of flavorful spices.  The baklava for dessert wasn’t too sweet and had a warm cinnamon flavor to it.  The restaurant itself is just a big open dining room, plus a patio out front.

    Total bill was $47 and we’ll definitely be back again.

    Mirage Restaurant
    2284 Gulf to Bay Blvd
    Clearwater, FL

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