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Tough Tuna

We ate dinner at Molly Goodheads in Ozona tonight.  It was a bit too steamy to be out on the porch, so we sat inside.  Unfortunately, a lot of other people had the same idea, so it was pretty loud in there.  The bar area was overflowing and the waitresses were having to constantly ask people to move out of the way. 

We started off with some He Crab soup. 

It was very creamy and had a nice flavor, but the crab seemed a bit overcooked in it.  It’s still one of the tastier soups in town though.  We both got salads with our meals.

Loren ordered the blackened mahi with garlic mashed. 

He really enjoyed it.  The fish was cooked perfectly and the mashed taters were yummy.  I decided on the yellowfin tuna and mashed potatoes.

Unfortunately, the tuna was tough.  Loren thought it had an odd flavor, not necessarily an unfresh flavor, but more that it had absorbed some other flavor while it was cooking.  I ate half of one piece and since Loren didn’t like it either, we didn’t want it for leftovers.  The waitress asked if there was a problem with it and when we said it was tough, she had a manager take it off the bill.  I do appreciate it when the waitstaff notices you’ve left a large amount of food on your plate and does what they can to rectify the situation.  Total bill after the tuna was removed was $25.

Molly Goodheads
400 Orange Street
Ozona, FL

Molly Goodheads Raw Bar on Urbanspoon

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  • We hadn’t been to Molly Goodheads in Palm Harbor for quite a while, so we headed out there tonight.  They were busy, but we were able to get a table on the air conditioned patio without a wait. 

    We started out with some He Crab soup and a salad.

    This was some tasty soup.  Sadly one of our “spoons” was a small crab fork, but we played nice and shared.  The soup had a lot of crab in it and a very nice texture and flavor.  There was definitely some cheese in the soup as well.  As for the salad, the ranch dressing was really good. 

    Loren ordered the mahi dinner with garlic mashed potatoes.

    Two nice sized pieces of mahi mahi and some of the best mashed potatoes we’ve had in a long time.  I say “we” because I ate quite a bit of them.  I couldn’t help myself, they were that tasty. 

    I ordered the fish tacos which came with rice and beans.

    The dish came with three tacos, but I ate one and just ate the fish out of the other two.  Both the tacos and rice and beans were ok, but it’s probably not something I’d order again.

    And when it comes to dessert, I have a hard time passing up anything called chocolate decadence.

    This was one very fudgy cake.  It could have used some whipped cream on the side, but otherwise it was rich, thick, and decadently chocolate.

    Total dinner ran us $40 and was one of the better dining experiences we’ve had recently.  The service and food were both good.

    Molly Goodheads
    400 Orange Street
    Ozona, FL

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  • I’d heard some good things about Ozona Blue Oceanside, so since we were in Palm Harbor this afternoon, we decided to go check it out for dinner.  We parked at the marina next door since we didn’t want to hand over our keys to the valet. 

    The hostess asked us if we wanted to sit outside or inside and since it was hot and humid, we figured inside with air conditioning was the way to go.  Well, it would have been if there had been an adequate amount of air conditioning flowing inside.  It was not comfortable in there at all.  It was also loud, so I was winding myself up to really not like it here.

    But, then came the food.  We started with some she-crab soup.

    It was really good.  It had lots of crab meat in it and a nice delicate flavor.  Then came the bread basket.

    Sigh… soft, warm bread with a flavorful oil to dip it in.  I couldn’t stop eating it; then our salads arrived.

    We both got the avacado ranch dressing which had a good flavor to it.  The salad had fresh greens, tomato, onions and artichokes in it.

    They had several specials tonight and Loren ordered the Mahi Mediterrean.

    This was a big piece of fish with feta, tomatos, and mushrooms in a light tomato sauce.  He got the rice and beans for his side dish.  He really enjoyed it and even had some leftovers for tomorrow.

    I went for one of their other specials, the mixed grill with filet, shrimp and scallops with a side of slaw.

    The filet was very tender.  The shrimp and scallops were both cooked well, though I did find the scallops to be a little gritty.  I kept tasting something a little spicy in the rice, but I have no idea what it was. 

    Overall, the food was very good, expensive, but good.  Our waiter looked like a young Ben Affleck and he managed to keep drinks filled and plates cleared.  If it hadn’t been for the lack of air conditioning and the noise level, this would have been a wonderful experience.  Total bill was $59.

    Ozona Blue Oceanside
    125 Orange St
    Palm Harbor, FL

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    Got home from work around 5:30pm and decided to see if I could get any decent photos of the full moon since it was supposed to be its biggest and brightest of the year tonight.  Unfortunately, it was cloudy over the horizon, so I wasn’t able to get any shots of the moon rising, but did manage a few decent ones once it got above the clouds.

    I got back home around 6:30pm and Loren had a hankering for steak, so we drove out to Longhorn Steakhouse in Palm Harbor.  The drive through the parking lot showed a large crowd of people waiting on tables and there weren’t any parking spots, so I suggested Outback instead.  I saw some empty parking spaces when we had passed it on the way to Longhorn.

    We parked at Outback only to go in and find there was a 50 minute wait.  By now, we were both fairly hungry and being the geeks that we are, Loren whipped out his cell phone and searched for steakhouses near our location.  The gps came up with Ozona Blue in Palm Harbor, so we headed out there.

    Unfortunately, though, the gps didn’t have the address correct, so we drove right by the restaurant and headed into Ozona.  We were at the Ozona Pig before we knew it.  We’d eaten there before and the food was good, so we pulled into the parking lot and our steak dinner turned into BBQ instead.

    The last time we were at The Ozona Pig, it was almost empty.  Not so tonight.  It was packed and noisy.  So noisy that we could barely hear each other from across the table.  Our waitress brought our drinks and then it took a while before she returned to take our order.  It was an omen of things to come, but we didn’t know it at the time.

    I ordered the pulled pork dinner with macaroni and cheese and potato salad for my sides. 

     Loren got the half rack of ribs, garlic mashed, and baked beans. Both dinners came with a deviled egg and we ordered a couple of extra too.

    The ribs and the pulled pork were really good.  They definitely know how to do BBQ.  We even had some leftovers.  The sides were a different story though.  The potato salad and the beans were ok.  The macaroni and cheese was dry, the deviled eggs were tough, and the garlic mashed could have warded off Dracula and all the vampires from Twilight and True Blood combined.

    All during dinner, we didn’t see our waitress.  In fact, for at least 45 minutes after we’d finished eating, we didn’t see hide nor hair of her or any other waitstaff for that matter.  I get that they were busy, but you can’t just ignore tables all night.

    Evenutally, she made her way over to us and said, “Ya’ll haven’t been feeling neglected back here, have you?”.  Ummm.. yeah. 

    Total bill was $28 and the BBQ was good, but the service was horrible.  Perhaps take-out would have been a better option.

    The Ozona Pig
    311 Orange St
    Ozona, FL

    Ozona Pig on Urbanspoon

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