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2013 Wrap Up

Hard to believe another year has gone by.   We ate out a lot this year (as we do every year) and though I didn’t blog every bite, we definitely had some good, some bad and some that we can’t wait to go back and try again.  Looks like we ate at about 90 different restaurants over the last 12 months.  Lots of Thai and sushi which seems to be our favorite way to spend an evening.  Pacific Thai and Mike’s Sushi are tops on our list. Quite a few restaurants closed this year; some we’ll miss, some we were surprised lasted as long as they did.

We have our go-to restaurants that I don’t often blog about since we go there all the time.   Cuban Breezes, Pacific Thai, Athens, and Daddy’s Grill are all close by, quick and inexpensive.   Cajun Cafe on the Bayouis a little further away, but always worth the drive.

A few new restaurants (or new to us) popped up this year that we really like.  Johnny Grits, Nosh Cafe, German Bistro II,  and Yummy House Bistroto name a few.  Their food touched our taste buds in a way that had us craving more of the same.

There are restaurants where everything is top notch and there are specific dishes that we can’t help but order every time we visit.  We’ve got to try the calamari everywhere we go.   Most of the time, Loren orders ginger chicken when we go out for Thai food.  I always have to have butter chicken when we go out for Indian food.  Perhaps some day we’ll try other things on the menu; but for now, these are the best bites I crave and reasons that keep us going back for more.

Cajun Cafe on the Bayou – Crawfish etouffee and whiskey bread pudding



Cuban Breezes – Cuban eggrolls – they’re not always on the menu, but I have to order them whenever they are


Yummy House Bistro – Salt & pepper calamari


BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse – Avocado eggrolls


Ban Thai – Lobster Roll


La Trattoria – Pasta with crab in amaretto cream sauce


Johnny Grits – Shrimp and grits


Nosh Cafe – Cuban sandwich


Ocean Blue Sushi – Super Crunchy Roll



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  • I don’t often mourn the closing of a restaurant, but when we were headed out to the Boston Cooker in Oldsmar last night & found out it was closed, I was seriously bummed out.  This was the only restaurant in the area that had Ipswitch belly clams that tasted like the ones I had as a child growing up in New England.  Their website says the Boston Cooker in Spring Hill will remain open, but that’s a bit of a drive just for dinner.  Sigh…

    Their farewell letter to Oldsmar.



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  • April Recap

    Wow, it’s the end of April already?  Looks like we ate out 21 times this month and spent $484.  Here’s the best and worst for the month:

    Best Rolls Boston Cooker

    Favorite Lunch:  Crawfish Etouffee at Cajun Cafe

    Most Flavorful MealBawarchi Indian Cuisine

    Best Ribs Munches Sundries

    Worst Dessert:  The Big O at Pete & Shorty’s

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  • March Recap

    Not a lot stood out in the month of March.  We ate out 18 times, plus another 5 that I forgot to blog about (mostly take out) and spent a total of $580. 

    So, here’s what made an impression:

    Best Dessert:  Black Forest Cake at The German Restaurant

    Best BBQ: Ribs from Georgia Boys BBQ

    Best Soup:  Chicken Coconut from Tom Yum Thai and Sushi

    Best New Restaurant Lulu’s in Safety Harbor

    Worst Overall MealBollywood Cafe

    Worst ServiceJulian’s Little Italy

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  • Looks like we ate out 20 times in February and spent $600.   Gotta say, we had some really bad service this month, from forgotten orders to just being ignored.

    So, here are the highs and lows from February:

    Best Dessert:  Citrus Crepe at Crepe-ology

    Best Flavors5th Element Indian Cuisine

    Best Sushi Roll:  Tao Roll at Zen Bistro

    Best Overall Experience Zante Cafe Neo

    Overpriced for the ExperienceWalt’s Seasonal Cuisine

    Worst ServiceFratelli Italian Restaurant, Island Outpost

    Worst Sandwich:  Eggplant Parmesean at Niko’s Pizza & Seafood

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